I Just Met Jessica’s Family

It was a huge surprise to me when I met Jessica’s family. Apparently her mother is a venture capitalist, which means that you take really risky bets on companies that may or may not become really valuable if things go right for them. When I met her she was talking about the coming bitcoin era, which she seemed to believe in quite firmly. I knew enough to ask her what the government thought about this idea. I was hoping to impress her and I knew that the government has a lot of real issues with all cryptocurrency for a lot of very profound reasons. The law enforcement agencies do not like the fact that it really makes it a lot easier for people of all sorts to conceal the movement of their money. That is how you catch a lot of the big fish in the criminal world, the money leaves a trail like a snail leaves slime in it’s backtrail. You follow the money and it leads you right to the part where the gavel comes down and the criminal goes to jail. The IRS, and it’s enforcement offices, do not like the fact that wealthy people can use it to hide their taxable assets from them.

At any rate I have been dating Jessica for a year and two months, before that I knew her for about five months. I was dating one of her friends when I met her, but that never really went any place. So at any rate I never knew she had real money and it does not seem as though she really does in some ways. Her father is big on hard work, although it seems like he inherited his own money. So Jessica does not have an enormous allowance and she never acted like I was not supposed to pay for dinner.

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