Traditional Acute Glaucoma Treatment

Traditional Acute Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is a visual impairment caused by increased eye pressure, the increase in pressure in the eyeball is caused by an imbalance between fluid production and the discharge of fluid in the eyeball. If not treated immediately, high pressure in the eyeball can damage the nerve tissues in the retina and behind the eyeball. Glaucoma which has caused blindness cannot be treated, you can do glaucoma prevention naturally using CBD Oil Canada.

Glaucoma is the second largest cause of blindness in the world after cataracts. This glaucoma is dangerous, more dangerous than cataracts because blindness caused by glaucoma cannot be cured, while blindness caused by cataracts can still be treated with surgery or natural treatment with CBD Oil.

Glaucoma sufferers are often unaware of visual disturbances until advanced visual impairment occurs, it is estimated that 50{6085231552811d6b80ff89584f52eb981773147067f53f426b66d410da7957ec} of glaucoma sufferers do not realize they have the disease until they experience severe eye damage.


Symptoms that are felt for the first time include: when looking at fluorescent lights / light sources there will be a rainbow of colors around the neon, the eyes hurt because the position of the eyes in a swollen state, the vision that was blurred will eventually return to normal, the feeling of wanting to blink constantly continuously by pressing excessive blinking. This is what makes glaucoma sufferers do not realize that he has suffered from chronic eye disease.


  1. Age factor
  2. High eye pressure (eyes get tired quickly)
  3. Suffering from myopia or nearsightedness
  4. Have diabetes or diabetes
  5. Hypertension or high blood pressure
  6. A migraine or narrowing of the blood vessels of the brain (poor blood circulation)
  7. Have had an accident/surgery on the eye before
  8. Use steroids for a long time

Treatment of acute glaucoma

Mentioned in the content of soursop leaves and mangosteen peel there are ingredients or substances that play an active role in overcoming eye glaucoma. The mangosteen peel extract is rich in vitamins B1, B2, C, D, and E which are very good for eye health and able to repair damaged cells in the eye area.

In the fruit of the mangosteen peel there are also calcium, potassium, sodium and iron. The skin of the mangosteen fruit contains xanthones, mangosteen, garsinon, flavonoids, epicatechin, and gartanin. With high xanthone content, the skin of the mangosteen can kill the disease, repair damaged cells and protect cells in the body. Not only that, but xanthones are also able to function to clear the blockage of blood on the side of the eyeball which is the source of glaucoma.

The content in mangosteen skin is very effective in treating glaucoma eye disease. While the content of soursop leaves has the properties of acetogenins, annonacin, annocatalin, annetocin, annonacin, annomuricin, anomurine, anonol, caclourine, gentisic acid, gigantetronin, linoleic acid, muricapentocin. The content of this compound is a compound that has many benefits for the body, can be a medicine for disease or to increase immunity.

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